Louisiana-based shipbuilder Metal Shark Boats has launched a new website in an effort to better serve the company’s expanding range of markets.

High-quality photos and videos are hallmarks of Metal Shark Boats' newly redesigned website.

High-quality photos and videos are featured on Metal Shark's newly redesigned website.

The site offers a multimedia showcase for Metal Shark’s products, employing high-definition photos and videos of the company’s boats in action.

The company also has reorganized information on the site, allowing users to search for Metal Shark models by market, vessel type, model series, or by keyword. Market-specific subpages include military, law enforcement, fire rescue, pilot groups, and passenger vessel operators.

“Metal Shark has expanded its focus to include a diverse range of markets, so we tasked ourselves to create an easily navigable website that allows us to reach the right customers with the right products and message,” said Josh Stickles, Metal Shark’s vice president of marketing. “Visitors to our website will now be able to quickly locate content that’s relevant to them, within a clean and modern framework that will accommodate future needs and continue to grow along with the company.”


All-New Metalsharkboats.com Now Live! from Metal Shark Boats on Vimeo.