Kohler is introducing a new line of aftermarket genuine oil engineered specifically for generator applications. The premium oils are available in three formulations for different fuel types and are optimized for use in industrial, mobile, marine, and home generators. The fully-synthetic line was specially engineered to help generators run at peak performance, reducing downtime and helping to lower total cost of ownership compared with conventional oils used in the same applications.

“Generators have to run when they’re needed — there’s no room for downtime,” Patricio Iligaray, Manager of Aftermarket Parts for Kohler Power Systems, said in prepared remarks. “And, the oil you choose makes a real difference. Generators are subjected to unique conditions that are different from engines that power other applications. So, it’s important to select an oil — like those in our new line — that are formulated to account for a generator’s temperature, load, idle time, fuel type and more.”

The three new Kohler oils are engineered to the specific requirements of generators based on the fuel type they use. The company is introducing a 5W-30 formulation for generators powered by gasoline or gaseous-fueled engines, a 5W-40 formulation for generators powered by diesel-fueled engines, and a 15W-40 option for generators with gaseous-fueled engines.

Each of the new options is formulated with a synthetic base oil that will maintain critical viscosity while also resisting “burn off,” which can occur with other, lesser quality oils.  Special additives in the new Kohler oil also help protect against engine wear and corrosion, extending overall generator life.

“This is a significant product launch for Kohler and for our customers,” said Vito Minneci, vice president of aftermarket parts and service for Kohler Power Systems, said in his prepared remarks. “The new line of Kohler premium oil for generator applications provides additional peace-of-mind to our customers and helps them to further protect — and maximize — their investment.”

The new Kohler generator engine oil can be ordered now in North America and Canada, with some restrictions. It is sold in a variety of container sizes to meet the individual needs of generator owners — from 1 quart to 275 gallons, with bulk oil also available. For additional international markets, the aftermarket genuine oil will be part of a phase-two development. To place an order, or to inquire about availability, contact your local Kohler generator distributor or dealer.

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