In response to customer needs for readily available, technically flexible, and turnkey small boat designs, DLBA Naval Architects, a division of Gibbs & Cox Inc., have developed the NIMBLE class of multimission aluminum workboats. This outboard powered family of workhorses is available in three different lengths: 32’, 36’, and 42’. All three platforms are available as an open (center console) platform, with the 36’ and 46’ having variants available with a lower cuddy cabin for creature comforts. The accommodations include a sitting area, head, small galley area, and storage lockers.

The multimission platforms were developed to be readily configurable from the builder as patrol boats, fire boats, and passenger vessels, and to be readily transportable over the road. To make this possible, extra care was taken in the development of the hull form to achieve the desired flexibility. As with all DLBA designs, the hull form is developed around the predicted weight and center of gravity of the platform. The hull particulars were selected to encompass the wide range of design values for these multimission designs upfront; ensuring their high performance goals are met. In doing so, the hull forms were developed without sacrificing ride quality, stability, and maneuverability. They will provide a stable platform for the job at hand and ensuring the safest and most comfortable ride for the passengers irrespective of the selected configuration.

The platforms are can be outfitted with a wide range of outboard motors based on End User preference. The three platforms are designed around the following propulsion arrangements: the 32’ platform allows for twin outboards, the 36’ can have twin or triple outboards, and the 42’ has been developed for triple or quad outboards. The designs were specifically developed around commercially available gasoline outboards and with the new diesel outboards from COX and OXE in mind. The transom structure and geometry and well geometry were developed to support the weight and thrust of these robust power plants.

The vessel’s scantlings are designed to meet the requirements of the 2019 ISO 12215 rules for a Category B Heavy Duty Workboat for operation at speeds up to 45 knots. This ruleset was selected to provide a robust, reliable structure while avoiding the “overkill” that can occur when using larger vessel high speed craft rules in development of smaller vessels, in order to limit hull material and fabrication cost. Additionally, the detailed structural design is engineered to be production friendly by exploiting the use of CNC cut profiled parts and bent flanges throughout. A reinforced keel strake is provided for longevity, and the design allows the flexibility to use 6061 aluminum on vessels built for exclusive fresh water service in order to further save cost.

The NIMBLE vessels are fully equipped with standard features servicing the needs of the user, including reinforced push knees at the bow, hard fendering on the hull sides for protection, a towpost, outboard motor guard, and ability to incorporate shock mitigating seats. Onboard systems may be configured to be unmanned/autonomy ready. Visibility and ergonomics have been optimized on all variants to minimize operator fatigue. The cabin variants are equipped with a generator providing AC electrical power for the HVAC systems, as well as other mission needs. The NIMBLE family of platforms is easily outfitted with mission systems to meet end user requirements.

About DLBA Naval Architects

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