Zodiac Milpro brought two vessels to the floor of the International WorkBoat Show this year — a 15'5"x6'3" Combat Rubber Raiding Craft and a 14'5"x6'4" rigid hull inflatable boat (RIB).

The craft has a maximum payload of 2,756 lbs. WorkBoat Staff photo

The raiding craft is the only craft of its type that has been used in combat in different theaters and come through with flying colors. Other features of the vessel include a patented hull shape, carries heavy payload on plane, can reach faster speeds than a standard V-bottom hull, maneuverability, and battle tested and qualified for multiple types of missions — airborne operations, insertion and extraction, and underwater cache operations, etc., company officials said. The craft has a maximum payload of 2,756 lbs. and Zodiac recommends using a 40-hp outboard for propulsion though the raiding craft can handle up to a 65-hp outboard.

The RIB, made of marine grade aluminum alloy, contains the following equipment: 360° light, boat hook, boarding ladder, radar reflector, two rescue rings, twin righting ropes, and 50-meter tow rope. Ancillary scoop, compass, torch with four batteries and one spare bulb, armament bag, 1-kg extender, pharmacy kit, floating knife, foot pump, manual, floating anchor with line, searchlight, sponge, telescopic paddles, thermal protection, whistle and battery box.

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