The Biden administration announced in late May that an agreement has been reached to advance areas for offshore wind along the northern and central coasts of California that will lead to the initial California offshore wind lease sale in mid- 2022, which could bring up to 4.6 gigawatts of clean energy to 1.6 million homes. It’s part of the administration’s goal to create thousands of jobs as it moves toward it’s goal of 30 gigawatts of wind energy in play by 2030. How exactly will we get there?

The Workboat + Wind digital magazine explores this topic and more in great detail, with features that detail what the future of the offshore wind industry looks like as well as a story that highlights how the Department of the Interior is looking at offshore wind in the U.S. Gulf.

While the unofficial capital of the offshore U.S. wind sector is the country’s East Coast, expansions in the Gulf and to the West Coast showcase how the Biden administration seems to be looking to spread the wealth. Things are progressing quickly, which is a pace that will continue to accelerate. 

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