The New York Bight offshore wind lease sale begins tomorrow and will last several days.

Ahead of the sale, the Business Network for Offshore Wind (BNOW) offered several points:

  • The New York Bight Auction is the first lease auction since 2018 and the first under the Biden administration (you can see a full breakdown in the U.S. Offshore Wind Market Report beginning on page 8.)
  • BOEM estimates the area has the potential for 5.6 to 7 GW of offshore wind power generation.
  • After the New York Bight lease sale is complete, BNOW estimates that the federal government has leased nearly enough area to reach Biden’s 30 GW of offshore wind power by 2030 goal.
    • This is based on a Department of Energu calculation of an area’s capacity.  
    • BOEM is expected to lease more areas in the Carolinas, California, Gulf of Mexico, Oregon, Central Atlantic, and Gulf of Maine by 2025. This will help put the U.S. on a path to reach a national goal of 110 GW by 2050.
    • Currently, state deployment goals reach 45 GW, according to BNOW.
      • The New York Bight is expected to directly advance New Jersey's and New York’s offshore wind goals of 7.5 GW and 8 GW respectively, BNOW said.
  • There are 25 qualified registrants to bid.
    • Once an area is leased, the developer must still receive permits from the federal government to survey, construct, and operate in a lease area. These processes can take over five years to complete.