Crowley Maritime and ESVAGT have executed additional joint venture agreements to strengthen their commitment to support purpose-built, Jones Act vessel development and availability for U.S. offshore wind production, the companies said today.

The new agreements, which follow the original agreement between the companies in 2021, support the companies joint efforts for service operation vessels (SOVs). The latest additions focus on the financial and development efficiencies in the vessel development process between the companies.

The joint venture was created to develop a best-in-class design and deliver wind-dedicated, U.S-flag SOV vessels, Crowley. Crowley will own and operate the vessels crewed with U.S. mariners, while Crowley and ESVAGT will share in the financials of the venture.

“The enhancement of this venture will help bring these important service operation vessels to the U.S. offshore wind market to meet the nation’s clean, sustainable energy demands,” said Jeff Andreini, vice president, Crowley Wind Services. “As we increase our organizations’ shared capabilities, we will help propel the continued growth of maritime and logistics solutions to help solve the nation’s vessel capacity demands in a responsible and sustainable way.”

“ESVAGT is proud to be an active player supporting our customers in the green transition. Crowley and ESVAGT share an ambition for a sustainable future, and we’re committed to take the lead in decarbonizing the maritime industry,” Peter Lytzen, CEO, ESVAGT, said in a statement. “We’re delighted and proud to be a first mover of emission-free SOVs and have ordered the world’s first e-Methanol driven SOV to be delivered in 2024. Only through innovative solutions and commercial courage it is possible to overcome the threatening climate change.”

Crowley has developed a network of certified offshore wind training programs in the U.S. The company is building the first U.S. all-electric, zero-emissions harbor tug and developing sister platforms.

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