Many of you will be attending the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans this week from Dec. 3-5 at the Morial Convention Center. At a time when you and your company are closely watching the return on investment, we realize that it is important that you get the most out of your visit to the show. Here is a checklist to follow to ensure you get the most out of the 2014 WorkBoat Show.


 Bob Callahan, Group VP 


Plan ahead to get the most out of your visit — This sounds basic, but many attendees drive in or get off the plane and head directly to the convention center where they pick up their badges and walk out on the floor without a plan. At the end of the day they panic because there are thousands of companies and products on the show floor. Without an adequate plan, those who are unprepared may only cover an aisle or two. 

To help plan your visit, we have a variety of tools available on our website that can be used to ensure you get the most out of the show.

  • New Products – According to our recent survey, attendees say that their primary goal in attending the International WorkBoat Show is to find new products. Our website and new product newsletter sort out and highlight companies that are offering new products.
  • Exhibitor List – Our comprehensive exhibitor list provides attendees with a detailed listing of all companies. The exhibitor list also allows you to sort companies by product, in alphabetical order or by booth number. 

While in New Orleans, the International WorkBoat Show provides you with opportunities to network, learn about the latest trends and new products, help set next year’s business plan and become inspired by all the offerings available for you to bring back to your business. We’ve already talked about navigating the show floor, so here are a few other things to take advantage of while in New Orleans.

  • Networking – Whether during the show or afterwards in the evening, networking provides you with the opportunity to learn what your competitors are doing, what your suppliers are offering, what old friends and colleagues are up to, and what is selling and what is not. If you network properly, the International WorkBoat Show will provide you with all the industry knowledge and intelligence you can use to help your business grow.   
  • Professional Series Annual Conference – This year’s education program is designed to assist you in overcoming the challenges that your company faces daily. Hear from high quality speakers made up of industry experts, opinion leaders and others on marine industry specific topics and other subjects.    

Post Show – After the show, it is important to come back to the office with a plan on how to implement the information you gathered in New Orleans. I recommend writing a post show report that you can share with your team members.   

Properly navigating the International WorkBoat Show can save you valuable time by meeting and negotiating with vendors and sourcing new products. But remember, the key to your success at WorkBoat is the right preparation.

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