The Maritime Administration has published in the Federal Register, its final rule, which go into effect on May 7, governing the deepwater port license application process for offshore oil and gas export facilities.

Marad said this is its “final policy to accept, evaluate and process license applications for the construction and operation of offshore deepwater port facilities for the export of oil and natural gas from the United States to foreign markets abroad and to use the existing Deepwater Port regulations for such purposes.”

The agency also published its comments to 337 public opinions and questions about its proposed rule.

Marad said all applicants applying for a license must meet all nine criteria and requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other applicable requirements. It and the Coast Guard will be the lead agencies when it comes to compliance. “The Coast Guard also is responsible for matters related to navigation safety, engineering and safety standards, and facility operations and inspections. Marad is responsible for determining citizenship and financial capability of the potential licensees, preparing the Record of Decision (ROD), and issuing or denying the license. The Coast Guard and Marad share various other responsibilities under the DWPA (Deepwater Port Act), including the duty to consult with other Federal or State agencies.”  

You can read the final policy here.

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