The Coast Guard is considering establishing two new offshore anchorages supporting offshore supply vessels and other vessels in and around the Port Fourchon, La., area. The Greater Lafourche Parish Port Commission (GLPC) says the volume of vessel traffic through Port Fourchon has increased over 30% since 2009. The GLPC expects significant and continued growth in the near future. Due to congestion, Port Fourchon tenants and users either direct vessels dynamically position within a berth, Belle Pass, Bayou Lafourche, or the Flotation Canal or depart the port entirely until a berth is available. 

Vessels that service the deepwater oil and gas industry in and around Port Fourchon continue to grow in length and tonnage. The largest OSVs are 300' and 4,500 gt. OSVs within Port Fourchon are often moored three or four abreast, which requires constant shifting and repositioning of vessels, crews and dockworkers. This increases the risk of collisions, groundings and injuries to personnel. The approximate depths of the proposed anchorages range from 36' to 60’. Based on National Automatic Identification System data, establishing an anchorage in the proposed location will have negligible effects on shipping lanes.

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