The National Maritime Center’s (NMC) Covid extensions for Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMC) are ending on Oct. 31.

To help mariners during this backlog, MM-SEAS just published the free guide “Renew Your USCG License in 10 Easy Steps.”

“Right now, we’re hearing that there’s a potential backlog of USCG applications at the NMC. And, this application process can stretch even longer when mariners have trouble navigating the USCG bureaucracy,” Nate Gilman, president of the online USCG license credentialing software MM-SEAS, said in a prepared statement. “We’re finding that when applications are submitted perfectly, in the right order with the right information and everything signed, the process can go from months to weeks.”

NMC figures estimate that 50% of applications are rejected due to missing forms, signatures or other information.

“Listen, I know you know how to renew your license,” Gilman said. “This guide is really just a reminder on where all those random forms are, and some tips on organizing your application to get it approved quickly.”