WBX imageWorkBoatXchange, a new service that connects fleet owners and suppliers, will debut at the 2014 International WorkBoat Show. WorkBoatXchange creates a customized experience tailored to the needs of each fleet owner. The meetings between the senior management teams of both the fleet owner and the suppliers ensures discussions are strategic and top level decisions can be made.

The concierge level service will match the fleet owner with solution providers that can address his or her specific initiatives and challenges. WorkBoatXchange will arrange private, one-on-one meetings between a fleet owner and the senior strategic teams of the companies of interest. The meetings will take place Dec. 2, the day before the International WorkBoat Show begins, and the morning of Dec. 3.

For fleet owners like you, not only does this service cut down on legwork -- no more strategizing about which booths to visit, or making sure the person you need to speak with is not tied up -- but the vendor will already be briefed on your needs, so they can be sure to bring the ideas and solutions most relevant to your particular situation.

View the press release here.

Download the informational PDF here.

For more information on WorkBoatXchange please contact:

Tom Archambault
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Kim Burnham
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Mark Olson
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