LORD Corporation – a supplier of elastomeric products for the oil and gas market – has announced the availability of high-performance isolators for electronic boards.

The LORD Micro-Mounts series was created to provide a solution for downhole and surface PCB systems. Designed to protect electronic components in downhole and surface systems, LORD Micro-Mounts™ are high-performance isolators that allow isolation at the circuit board level. Capable of being used as a standalone solution or to augment performance of a LORD full-system isolation solution, LORD Micro-Mounts substantially reduce shock and vibration inputs to electronic boards compared to hard-mounting components.

Made of Broad Temperature Range ® (BTR) silicone bonded to stainless-steel, the mounts can be applied where consistent performance at extreme temperatures is required. The Micro-Mount series uses standard hardware for applications and can support 0.1 pounds. They are available in Nut/Nut, Post/Nut and Post/Post configurations in many common threads (#2-56, #4-40, M3), enabling easy installation in a wide range of applications. Further, LORD Micro-Mounts are temperature rated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit continuous operation (400 degrees Fahrenheit peak).