Dometic Marine introduces the Dometic Livos product range at this year’s OTC following the October 2013 acquisition of engine room ventilation company Livos Technologies. The new marine ventilation equipment includes products such as axial fans, centrifugal blowers, smoke and fire dampers, mist-eliminating grilles and electronic fan controls.

Dometic is now able to offer a larger product portfolio which includes engine room ventilation equipment, ensuring customers will benefit from having a single point of contact for their entire HVAC systems, simplifying design, service and maintenance, the company said.

 “We now offer engine room ventilation products as an ideal complement to our own marine HVAC solutions as they are technically advanced, robust and can be adapted to suit the most demanding requirements," said Ned Trigg, senior VP of global system sales. "Having an extended product portfolio following the Livos acquisition will create exciting opportunities for us in the commercial vessel market.”

Michael Murray, the founder of Livos, has joined Dometic as engine room ventilation product manager and is responsible for integrating the original Livos product range into Dometic installations and systems.

Machinery overheating and failing causes a risk of fire which is why it is important that engine room ventilation equipment and systems are built from the correct materials and installed with safety as a priority.

“The Dometic Livos commercial grade fans are built from marine quality materials and coatings, ensuring long life in extreme salt environment. This is important because fan failure can lead to machinery overheat and failure. Also, our mist eliminators will stop sea spray from entering a machinery space, greatly reducing the chance of corrosion, which can lead to machinery failure," said Murray.

“Specifically talking about safety, the Dometic Livos dampers with automatic closure will ensure any compartment fires are contained within that compartment. Our fan system controls will allow for a central point by which all fans will be shut down instantly upon discharge of a compartment fire system,” Murray said.

New marine engine ventilation products introduced to the market under the Dometic Livos range includes the following product groups:

1. Commercial grade fans and blowers. Livos axial fans and blowers provide cooling and/or combustion air for marine machinery spaces. Materials are chosen with corrosion resistance and weight in mind. Blades are constructed of high-strength PPG glass-reinforced polyamide, with standard powder coating of the fan housing. Fan motors are high efficiency, direct drive, and reversible. All hardware is either marine grade aluminum or 316 stainless steel.

2. Smoke and fire Dampers. Dampers close off the engine space in the event of a fire. The lack of fresh air in conjunction with the release of fire retardant can snuff out a fire and save a boat from possibly burning to the waterline. Dampers come in both marine grade aluminum and stainless steel.

3. Mist-eliminating grilles. Mist eliminators stop corrosive salt mist and water from entering the engine room. Each mist eliminator is custom designed for maximum air flow and minimum restriction for a given machinery package, keeping air flow and dimensional restrictions in mind. There are four mist eliminator drainage options: bottom draining, face draining, horizontal and sump draining.

4. Pressure and temperature monitoring fan controls. Controls are available for three-phase fans and blowers, as well as 24 VDC fans. They can be manual variable speed, temperature controlled, pressure controlled, or pressure and temperature controlled. DC controls are temperature based. All controls come standard with fire system shutdowns. Three-phase systems can also have fire damper control. Interface with central monitoring systems is optional.