Underwater technology company VideoRay has been awarded a $16.1 million contract from the Navy's Maritime Expeditionary Standoff Response (MESR) program.

The contract is for mission specialist defender (MSD) underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and associated components. It brings the total value of the Navy's procurement of MSD vehicles and accessories to $49 million since their partnership with VideoRay through a production-other transaction agreement (P-OTA).

The Navy's objective is to continue equipping explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) units with the MSD serving as the foundation for the MK20 Defender ROV program. The ROVs employ advanced technology to detect and neutralize underwater mines, particularly those found in maritime war zones, including areas near Ukraine.

VideoRay CEO Chris Gibson, highlighted the advantages of the MSD, which offers modularity and an open systems architecture for seamless integration of third-party sensors and payloads. The product stands out for its performance in size, weight, and power (SWAP), along with a track record of reliability. Despite its compact and portable design, the MSD has excelled in various demanding missions in challenging underwater environments, Gibson said.

Through the MESR program, the Navy plans to enhance the baseline vehicle by gradually updating its sensors, autonomy features, tools, and manipulators. The improvements aim to provide EOD operators with enhanced capabilities, including increased standoff and reduced risk. The Navy has already successfully utilized the MSD in critical operations such as recovering a downed high-altitude balloon off the coast of South Carolina. Its portability, power, versatility, and reliability make it valuable for vital tasks like locating and neutralizing underwater mines.

VideoRay has established an expanding network of authorized dealers and service centers to support international and commercial sales. The company also provides comprehensive online training resources and references through their extensive knowledge base. Training is offered at its headquarters in Pottstown, Pa., and support facility in San Diego. VideoRay's mobile training teams are capable of providing services worldwide.