Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. recently unveiled its latest Devil Ray T24 (7m) ASV from its Devil Ray production facility in Melbourne, Fla. 

Designed for high performance and powered by twin Cox Powertrain CXO 300 diesel outboards, the autonomous surface vessel (ASV) can reach speeds of up to 50 knots and cover open ocean distances of up to 600 nautical miles, with a payload capacity of 1,800 lbs., Martac said.

The Devil Ray T24 equips operators with advanced sensor capabilities both above and below the surface, utilizing line of sight and satellite datalinks. With automation and collision avoidance systems (CAS) onboard, human intervention during missions is minimized. Additionally, the Devil Ray T24's interoperable and interchangeable (I2I) technology stack enables the integration of emerging artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Featuring a 10G-rated, high-speed hull and a spacious deck area, the Devil Ray T24 allows for flexible integration of multi-domain systems. Its ability to seamlessly integrate multiple payloads and communication packages enhances its cross-domain capabilities.

Notably, it's the only ASV with native marsupial hosting capabilities, accommodating platforms such as Martac's Mantas T-series ASVs, UAVs, UUVs, and ROVs. 

Bruce Hanson, CEO of Martac, said the T24 can autonomously operate at high speeds, meeting the evolving needs of military, scientific, and commercial customers. 

Established in 2012, MARTAC is a developer and manufacturer of autonomous maritime surface vessels, targeting the military, scientific, and commercial markets.