Strategic Marine is forging into the burgeoning green maritime space with an order for four hybrid StratCat 27 (SC27) crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for Purus Wind’s HST Marine

The inaugural order for parallel hybrid SC27s calls for four vessels being delivered in the first and second quarters of 2023. If the options for two additional vessels are exercised, the additional pair will be delivered in the third quarter 2023.

HST Marine is a UK-based owner and operator of green-focused offshore vessels and provides solutions to offshore wind industries throughout Europe.

Acquired by low-carbon maritime energy transportation and infrastructure systems provider Purus Marine in 2022 and now under its offshore wind business Purus Wind, HST Marine has been expanding its current fleet of vessels rapidly with a quick succession of hybrid CTV orders in particular. Purus Wind provides CTV and commissioning/service operation vessels (C/SOVs) to its customers and will also be expanding its fleet of hybrid C/SOVs.

The BMT-designed StratCat 27 is designed to meet the needs of the rapidly developing offshore renewables sector and Strategic Marine’s build-to-stock program gives it an advantage in meeting tight delivery schedules amid global supply chain challenges, shipyard officials said in a prepared statement.

"We are excited to be working with Strategic Marine on this new project and look forward to these new vessels joining our fleet soon," Tom Nevin, CEO of HST Marine and business head of Purus Wind, said.

The hybrid ready StratCat 27 design was launched in May 2021 and has seen interest from the offshore wind industry, where solid operational capabilities and a reduced environmental footprint are key requirements.

The 27-meter (88'6") vessel was designed for optimal operational efficiency across a wide range of loading conditions, with a hull form that maximizes waterline length and reduces emissions and fuel consumption, Strategic Marine said. The CTVs will have a maximum speed of 26 knots.

Accommodations and bridge deck layout have been refined with feedback from vessel operators and customers. Post-Covid, real-world adaptations have been made to reduce the risk of infectious disease on operations, meeting Bureau Veritas biosafety notations.

Meanwhile, cabin design has been optimized for improved comfort and workflow, with ample storage space, comfortable sleeping areas and business class seating for 24 offshore service/industrial personnel and three crewmembers.

The vessel’s bridge deck layout has been enhanced to give improved visibility from the helm and an ergonomic layout to increase comfort for the bridge crew.

In line with the stringent environmental demands of the market, the vessel also features a Green Passport.

Strategic Marine's recent collaboration with Sea Forrest Power Solutions and Danfoss Power Solutions builds on this design with a retrofittable hybrid power option for vessels delivered without the systems installed at delivery.

The parallel hybrid system enables a reduction in main engine hours and maintenance costs, significant reduction in vessel noise and vibration and, depending on the vessel’s operational profile and charging facilities, can significantly cut the vessel’s operational carbon footprint.