St. Johns Ship Building, Palatka, Fla., is building four new 152'x52'x12' 150-passenger, 30-vehicle ferries for an unnamed owner. Designed by Seattle-based Elliott Bay Design Group, the new boats, featuring 8' drafts, will also be able to handle concrete trucks and will be delivered over the next two years.

Each of the ferries will have three lounges — two separate lounges on the main deck — one for residents and one for employees and a lounge on the second deck for residents. Internet, music and satellite TV will also be available. In addition, the boats will include 40' bridge clearances and a distance from water to pilothouse of 30'

The twin engine propulsion package will feature two Caterpillar C-18 diesel engines, producing 600 hp at 1,800 rpm each. The Tier 3 Cats connect to Hundested VP10 CPG 4-bladed 67" diameter, nibral props through Hundested CPG 38 marine gear with 5.53:1 reduction ratios. The main engines have a life expectancy of 10 years. Zero hours overhauling occurs at 30,000 trips. The propulsion package will give the boats an operating speed of 10 knots.

Ship’s service power is the responsibility of twin Caterpillar C-4.4 marine gensets. Controls are from Aventics, the steering system from Jastram and the electronics suite from Simrad.

The new ferries will have tankage for 9,800 gals. of diesel fuel, with a burn rate of 25-35 gals. per hour.

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