Silver Ships Inc. announces the recent delivery of a multi-mission Explorer 40 Landing Craft vessel to the Suffolk County Public Works Department located in Suffolk County, New York.

The custom-built 40'x14' Explorer 40 workboat’s primary purpose is to transport heavy machinery and equipment to further support the efforts of the Suffolk County Public Works Department. Suffolk County Public Works Department’s mission is to improve the communities’ quality of life by overseeing all county properties and projects while maintaining safe public navigations including waterways, bridges, docks, marinas, sewerage systems and more.

The vessel is powered by triple 250-hp Honda outboard motors and includes a Vetus 8-hp bow thruster that allows the front of the boat to move sideways which helps facilitate maneuvering and docking in close quarters. The Explorer 40 workboat operates with a 12-volt direct current electrically actuated bow door that is connected to a stainless-steel braided cable routed through a series of pulleys.

In addition, to transporting heavy equipment to remote and hard to reach areas, the workboat is equipped with a Maxilift hydraulic knuckle boom crane to support additional material handling requirements. The vessel also features an enclosed cabin, deadweight capacity up to 10 tons, and a bow door that raises and lowers, allowing crew to land onshore vehicles. The bow door makes for a quick transition from water to land creating more versatile operations.

“Silver Ships is committed to finding solutions that will help our customers achieve their operations and long-term goals,” Dave Hunt, business development at Silver Ships, said in a statement announcing the delivery. “Our team designed and built the Explorer 40 Landing Craft for the Suffolk County Public Works Department to best equip their staff in day-to-day operations on the water.”

Suffolk County Public Works Department will utilize the Explorer 40 vessel in the waters located in and surrounding Suffolk County, N.Y.  


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