Silver Ships recently delivered its first Endeavor 32 workboat, designed for Norfolk Fire-Rescue (NFR) in Norfolk, Va. The fire rescue boat will further support and advance the fire service and EMS response missions of Norfolk Fire-Rescue.

The Endeavor 32 is a multimission fireboat that will provide critical support to the city of Norfolk, as well as the Port of Virginia, operated by NFR. 

The 32' fire -escue boat is powered by twin 300-hp Yamaha outboard motors that give the boat a top speed above 40 knots. This ensure Norfolk Fire-Rescue a quick response time. The Endeavor 32 is outfitted with a 1,000-gpm fire system and a full Raymarine navigational electronics suite which includes eAIS 5000 provided by the port.

Featuring a fully enclosed pilothouse, the cabin is equipped with an overpressure air filtration system for operating in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) environments. The workboat was funded by a federal grant through the Department of Homeland Security, and the navigational electronics were funded through the Port Security Grant Program. 

Designed for a wide range of marine applications, the workboat will be utilized for firefighting operations both from the water as well as water supply operations, water rescue emergencies, patient transport and patient treatment capabilities. The workboat can supply water to shore via a large diameter hose outlet. Incorporating the multi-mission workboat will allow Norfolk firefighters and EMS providers to respond quickly to fire rescue emergencies.

Silver Ships said it built a custom fireboat with a vessel design unique to NFR. The Endeavor 32 is similar to Silver Ships’ Endeavor 30 series. However, the increased length is to accommodate a larger fire system capability without having to upgrade to a much larger workboat than needed. By adding two feet to the Endeavor 30 model, Silver Ships was able to provide the NFR with a smaller fast response workboat the organization needed, while increasing boat capacity. 

“We are excited for this opportunity to play a role in enhancing the safety and security of Norfolk’s waters and its community,” Dave Hunt, director of business development at Silver Ships, said in a statement. “This vessel represents Silver Ships’ dedication to the safety and service of first responders nationwide.” 



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