Seacor Marine LLC is set to take delivery of the 194'x32'x15' aluminum fast support vessel Liam J. McCall from Franklin, La.-based Gulf Craft LLC. Designed by Incat Crowther, the new FSV is part of what Seacor calls its Express Plus-Plus Class FSVs. The Liam J. McCall has a 9.08' draft and is designed to carry a crew of 16 and have passenger capacity for up to 58 offshore workers. Its mission is high-speed passenger and cargo transport and emergency evacuation.

The Liam J. McCall has tankage for 62,700 gals. of fuel oil; 5,600 gals. water; and 650 gals. lube oil. In addition, the FSV’s rear cargo deck measures 125'6"x26'6" and can haul up to 350 LT of freight.

Besides carrying people and cargo, the boat has a need for speed. Main propulsion for the FSV comes from five Cummins QSK60 diesel engines, producing 2,680 hp at 1,900 rpm each. The mains connect to HamiltonJet HT810 waterjets through Twin Disc MGX-61500SC marine gears with 2.56:1 reduction ratios. The package gives the boat a light speed of 37 knots and a loaded speed of 25 knots. There are also three Thrustmaster 200-hp tunnel thrusters for added maneuverability around offshore structures.

“These boats are designed to help us compete against the helicopter world,” said Robert Clemons, Seacor’s vice president and COO. “We have no trouble competing with our competitors’ boats, but these put us in the running for the helicopter business too.”

The new FSV is powered by five Cummins QSK60 diesel engines. Gulf Craft photo

The new FSV is powered by five Cummins QSK60 diesel engines. Gulf Craft photo

Seacor’s Express Plus-Plus Class FSVs' passenger features include USB and 120v receptacles for charging portable electronic devices, beverage console, bigger seats with additional incline, extra headroom, snack bar, LED accent lighting with solar options, recessed lighting, and seats on a track for custom configuration.

HamiltonJet also handled the steering system and controls for the Liam J. McCall. Furuno’s navigation and communication system takes care of the boat’s electronics needs. Other systems installed include FiFi 1, DP-2, ride control, and VSAT.

Ship’s service power is the responsibility of three Cummins QSM11 gensets, sparking 290 kW of electrical power each.

The Liam J. McCall is ABS classed Maltese Cross A1 HSC crewboat, AMS, DP2 Fire Fighting Capacity. Clemons said Seacor has three more fast support vessels coming from Gulf Craft and two larger catamarans from Armon Shipyards, Asturias, Spain. “Total of five at present,” he said.

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