The MMT Aluma Watercraft's AlumaPro Gen-V is designed for firefighting, rescue work, law enforcement and commercial operations such as inspections and data collection.

Created for the waters in Alaska, the 13'x5' AlumaPro operates in diverse environments from marinas (fire suppression, dewatering, vessel escort) to swift and shallow water (rescue, enforcement, commercial) and floodwaters (hidden debris, and strong currents). The AlumaPro, which has a 3" draft, is designed to be simple and fast to launch and operate with one or two member teams.

The craft has a ¼" thick aluminum bottom, 180-hp motor and 155mm (6.1') jet drive that can reach speeds of 56 knots and operate in less than 6" of water.

The craft can carry more than the usual two or three person team when necessary. MMT Aluma Watercraft photo

With small boat working platform features like push button stomp grate operations to clear the jet intake structure, hand warmers, windshields, rescue board docking, and fire pump skids. Costs of operations are low and the craft has a 20-year life expectancy.

The AlumaPro Gen-1 was developed for navigating the rugged and remote locations of Alaska and quickly became recognized as a craft solving problems with agencies within Alaska. Initially swift water rescue teams started using the AlumaPro and then Anchorage International Airport added them to its key response equipment. However, the largest challenge became adapting to meet rural community needs where durability, maintenance, and life cycle costs are critical.

So MMT working in conjunction with the Village Public Safety Office (VPSO), adapted the AlumaPro Gen-V to meet their challenges. One parameter was to design the boat to serve multiple functions (i.e. Water rescue, aid and assist distressed craft, and fire suppression), the second parameter was to design a boat that can be reconfigured from water rescue to fire suppression in less than five minutes, and third was to achieve a boat with a 20-year useful life.

The AlumaPro Gen-V is manufactured in Alaska providing local jobs with 20 different companies that provide components. Established in 2011, MMT maintains close relationships with all of its customers and is extremely proud that all of its watercraft are still in operation today.

Important ancillary equipment includes an air actuated stomp grate (clears debris from jet intake with simple push button operation), gas vapor detection, electric hand warmers, rescue boards and equipment, fire pump (119 gpm at 64 psi), and adjustable water cannon. The electronics suite includes an Icom radio and Garmin chart plotter.

MMT prides itself with on-going customer engagement including operating and certification training program and operating procedures and guideline support.