Shipbuilder Metal Shark said today that it has recently added 20 new law enforcement customers and over 35 welded aluminum law enforcement vessels have either been recently delivered or are currently in production.

Among the newbuilds, Metal Shark is producing five custom 23' Relentless center console patrol boats for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, while continuing to deliver 26' and 28' Relentless center console vessels for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the nation’s largest conservation law enforcement agency.

The company said the success of its law enforcement business development effort can be attributed to the mission-enhancing features it has incorporated into its LE-focused lineup.

Metal Shark announced it has 20 new law enforcement customers and over 35 welded aluminum law enforcement vessels have either been delivered recently or are currently in production. Metal Shark photo

“With our in-house team of over 60 engineers and naval architects and nearly 2,000 total vessels delivered to date, we offer law enforcement agencies a wide range of proven hulls and unmatched design expertise,” Dean Jones, Metal Shark’s vice president of sales for LE, fire, and specialty markets, said in a statement. “Carefully considering the challenges of modern law enforcement missions, we have developed a full portfolio of next-generation patrol boats, each based on a globally proven hull design and specifically outfitted to provide greater comfort, efficiency, and safety to law enforcement officers.”

Recent Metal Shark law enforcement customers include the Broward (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office, Delaware Department of Natural Resources, Fairfax County (Va.) Police Department, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Houston Police Department, Jefferson County (Ky.) Sheriff, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Montgomery County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Onondaga County (N.Y.) Sheriff’s Office, Port of San Diego Environment, Punta Gorda (Fla.) Police and Fire, San Juan (P.R.) Police, Travis County Sheriff (Texas), U.S Army Corps of Engineers (Ky.), U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Virginia Beach Police Department, Washington D.C. Metro Police, Winthrop (Mass.) Harbormaster Department, and Bahamas National Trust.

“These are purpose-built, professional-grade law enforcement vessels with many mission-specific features that really set them apart,” said John Hotz, Metal Shark’s senior account manager specializing in Law Enforcement sales. “We integrate weather-tight compartments with 12-volt USB outlets into consoles for laptops and printers, we employ non-reflective blackout matte coatings that eliminate glare to improve low-light visibility, and we provide easily accessible, lockable dry storage compartments adequately sized to fit Pelican cases. Through numerous enhancements, these vessels have been mission-optimized to an extent not seen on the industry’s legacy patrol boat designs. The result is a boat that is more comfortable, practical, and safer to use during long hours spent policing our nation’s often crowded inland waterways.”

“Metal Shark is gaining customers in this competitive, brand-loyal market by leveraging our formidable engineering strength to create the industry’s most modern LE-specific model lineup,” said Metal Shark CEO Chris Allard. “We achieve further differentiation thanks to serialized manufacturing processes that can produce high quality vessels, rapidly, reliably and repeatedly, supported by a stock boats program which can reduce lead times to 30 days or less in some cases. We will continue to support our law enforcement customers and other first responders with the industry’s most modern designs and outstanding customer service.”