Spear, an innovative 140-meter trimaran yacht concept, is a newly announced collaboration between Lateral Naval Architects and T. Fotiadis Design 

Lateral Naval Architects, a joint venture between BMT and Oceanco, describes the design as “a vision for the future of yachting,” and “a significant stride forward in naval architecture and luxury design,” offering:

  • Exceptional range exceeding 7,500 nautical miles.
  • A significant reduction in fuel consumption by one-third, thanks to its efficient design and advanced system architecture, ready for future fuel adaptations.
  • A top speed of 21 knots.

With Spears’ 459’x75’ and 4,650 gross tons, the closest comparison is a 360’ monohull of 4,400 tons, according to the designers.

“At a generous cruise speed of 18 knots, the trimaran's propulsion power needs are 20% lower than the baseline 110-meter monohull: placing Spear’s power demand equivalent to an 80-meter monohull with twice the usable gross tons,” according to designers.” Leveraging the larger dimensions, Spear offers a medium-speed engine at the core of the energy architecture, often found in large commercial vessels, providing a further 15% fuel saving per kW compared to a typical yacht’s high-speed engine.”

A digital schematic of the Spear trimaran design. Lateral Naval Architects image.

Sized for an efficient top speed of 21 knots, Spear’s engine has efficient excess capacity at reduced speeds. Integrating a PTO/PTI capable gearbox into the system allows harnessing the excess capacity to power all the domestic hotel loads of the yacht when cruising. Coupled with an electrical DC grid for load balancing it is an efficient, flexible system architecture.

By design, the relatively small sponsons contribute to an inherently comfortable platform that needs little support from active stabilization. Although the sponsons are not available for internal space, they do provide valuable tank volumes. This helps to facilitating the inclusion of future fuels, particularly methanol, which combined with the medium speed engine already incorporated, will be the first viable future fuel solution to reach the market.

This stabilized monohull concept introduces additional advantages by offering a spacious luxury platform. It boasts a 40% increase in the highly sought-after luxury external space whilst keeping the internal luxury area similar to a 110m monohull.

Designed to maximize outdoor living space, the yacht boasts expansive sun decks, alfresco dining areas, and luxurious lounging areas where guests can bask in the sun or unwind in the shade.