Gulf Island Shipyards launched the 365' HOS Warhorse on Nov. 2 at its Jennings, La., facility. This is the first of a two-vessel contract for Hornbeck Offshore Services.

The new multipurpose offshore service vessel will be outfitted with two large, heave-compensated cranes, two ROVs, large moonpool, and accommodations for 102.

HOS Warhorse will be ABS-classed Maltese Cross A1, AMS, ACCU, DPS-2, Offshore Support, FFV-1, RRDA, CRC, UWILD, SPS, ENVIRO, GP, HELIDK, HLC, HNLS, HDC. The vessel will be certified for worldwide operations.

“The successful launch of this vessel is a reflection of the tireless efforts and expert staff of our shipyard division along with the Hornbeck team,” Todd Ladd, executive vice president and COO for Gulf Island Fabrication said in a statement announcing the launch. “We look forward to the task of now delivering these vessels in a safe and timely manner.”

The HOS Warhorse will be relocated to Gulf Island Shipyard’s Houma, La., location for final outfitting, testing, and commissioning. Delivery is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018. Gulf Island Shipyards is a division of Gulf Island Fabrication Inc.

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