Eastern Shipbuilding Group (ESG) announced that it has been awarded a contract to construct the newest Fisher Island Ferry for the Fisher Island Community Association Inc. (FICA) in Miami. The 152'x52'x12', passenger/vehicle ferry will be built at ESG’s Allanton and Port St. Joe facilities and is expected for delivery in 2026.

“Eastern Shipbuilding Group (ESG) delivered the vehicle passenger ferry Heron to the Fisher Island Community Association Inc. (FICA) over 20 years ago, and we understand that she has been the most reliable ferry in their fleet. We look forward to delivering another robust and reliable ESG built ferry that will serve the residents of Fisher Island for decades to come,” Joey D’Isernia, chairman and CEO of ESG, said in a statement. “In collaboration with FICA and Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG), this ferry will be built with yacht style finishes and will provide safe and comfortable transportation for the residents of the Fisher Island Community.”

The new 1,200-hp ferry will have an 8' draft, and carry up to 150 passengers and 30 vehicles.

“The Heron is probably the most reliable ferry in our fleet,” said Roberto Sosa, FICA’s president and CEO. “The quality and design of this specific ferry, along with their reputations in the industry, are the main reasons we chose Eastern Shipbuilding Group (ESG) and Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG). We look forward to continuing our relationship with them throughout the construction of this ferry.”  

"Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) is excited to continue our longstanding relationship with the Fisher Island Community Association Inc. (FICA) and collaborate on another exceptional ferry project,” said John Waterhouse, principal in charge at EBDG. “Partnering once more with Eastern Shipbuilding Group (ESG) emphasizes our commitment to designing and delivering top-tier vessels while maintaining strong client relationships. Together, we look forward to bringing Fisher Island's vision to life with yet another innovative and reliable ferry design."


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