Diesel engine manufacturers have been busy over the past 12 months.

Volvo Penta announced the future launch of a new model that has been developed to fit its D8 engines for the commercial market. The new six cylinder engine models extend Volvo’s IPS (Inboard Performance System) diesel range. The new package has three power settings: D8 IPS600, D8 IPS650 and D8 IPS700.

Volvo plans to launch its EPA Tier 3, IMO II version in the U.S. in January and unveil it at the International WorkBoat Show in December.

“The D8 will be a perfect match between the D6 and D11 high-performance engines in our range,” said Thomas Lantz, product planning manager for Volvo Penta’s Marine Commercial sector. “Thanks to its compact dimensions and high power-to-weight ratio, the D8 will fit extremely well into high-speed planing vessels.”

Caterpillar’s 3512C high displacement marine engines are now available in a wide range of ratings that meet Tier 3 and IMO II regulations without any additional aftertreatment. The new propulsion, auxiliary, and DEP engines, designed and built from the current 3512C and 3516C platforms, are designed to have minimal dimensional and weight changes in comparison. Owning and operating costs are also very similar, Cat officials said. Other new features include stainless steel exhaust heat shields and a closed crankcase ventilation system.

The city of New York’s Citywide Ferry plans to build a new fleet of small passenger ferries powered by Moteurs Baudouin 6M26.3, Tier 3 diesels. This is only the second year that the French-built diesels have been part of our annual diesel directory. The Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions regulations continue with more Tier 4 engines coming on the market over the past year. All diesel engines with ratings above 804 hp will have to be Tier 4 by 2017.









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