Harley Marine NY, a subsidiary of Harley Marine Services, today took delivery of the river style pushboat, HMS Justice, from Conrad Shipyard of Morgan City, La. HMS Justice is the fifth vessel in this class and joins the New York fleet of two tugboats and four double hull petroleum barges. HMS Justice will provide petroleum barge transportation services in New York Harbor.

Harley Marine has partnered with Conrad Shipyard to build a series of 75'x29'9"x9'11" vessels. Each vessel is equipped with 2,000 hp Cummins engines, Cummins auxiliaries and Nabrico Hydro Electric winches. The design is well suited for the demands of harbor service with its "flanking rudder" technology.

"Four of the vessels in this class, the AlamoFurySilver and Stardust, are employed in the Harley Marine Gulf fleet," said Jonathan Mendes, interim general manager of Harley Marine NY.

"The HMS Justice is a welcome addition to our growing New York operation. She will enhance our local business while servicing customers safely, reliably, efficiently and responsibly," said Mendes.