Compmillennia, Washington, N.C., designed, built, and delivered the 41'x13' Lightspeed 1188 catamaran composite cored pilot boat Miami to the Biscayne Bay Pilots Association. Designed with a 2' draft, the shipyard calls the boat a fast, reliable, economical offshore pilot boat.

“Compmillennia’s mission is to produce a small catamaran to compete with larger V-bottom center consoles in open water, but with a much friendlier fuel consumption,” said Compmillennia’s Stephanie Tenney. “Larger V-bottoms need a lot of engine horsepower to push their 22-foot to 39-foot length along the waterline, and more horsepower equals more weight, more cost, larger vehicles to tow and more fuel.”

The Miami employs a captain who can haul up to six pilots at a time.

Main propulsion comes from twin Mercury 300-hp Sea Pro outboards with Mercury’s Enert ECO 16"x20" stainless steel props, giving the boat a running speed of 45 knots. The boat is also fitted with Mercury controls and an Optimus 360 steering system.

The Mercs are fed from a 424-gal. fuel tank.

“Our mission is achieved with the Lightspeed catamaran,” said Tenney. “Less horsepower is required, less weight, greater fuel economy and our trademark smoother ride.”

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