Kachemak Marine Haul Out has expanded its capabilities with the commissioning of the Caterpillar 350 Marine Hauler, which will be dedicated to the haulout of vessels at its Homer, Alaska, facility says company founder Earl Brock.

The Cat 350MH is capable of providing more than 150 tons of bollard pull. It is used in concert with large diameter airbags to make it possible to haul vessels up steep inclines without the use of terminal improvements such as rails, ways, travel-lifts, or cranes.  Because the airbags work at low air pressure, the vessel can be pulled up onto the airbags or the vessel can be recovered from tidal areas at low tide.

The Bruin Bay, a fish tender with displacement of 200 tons was pulled out and set on blocks in less than 6 hours using ships airbag, Brock says.

Kachemak Marine Haul Out can haul out vessels for inspection, maintenance and modernization in Homer, which has excellent access to marine tradesmen, parts, and inspection services, Brock says.   The Homer facilities can accommodate vessels up to 300 feet in length and 13 feet draft.