WorkBoat magazine recognized its 10 Significant Boats of 2016 and named its Boat of the Year at an awards ceremony at the International WorkBoat Show Thursday morning.

The Atlantic Pioneer, the first U.S.-flag wind farm vessel, was built by Blount Boats for Atlantic Wind Transfers. It was designed by South Boats IOW.

“It’s a fascinating industry that American shipyards can be a part of,” said Marcia Blount, president of Blount Boats. “We’re just the crew vessels, we’re just the first. There’s going to be a mix of these vessels going out to these wind farms.”

This year’s list of top boats included two fireboats, a patrol boat, towboat, tug, passenger vessel, pilot boat, articulated tug-barge, and an offshore service vessel.

Four of the vessels were built at West Coast shipyards, three at East Coast yards, and three at Gulf of Mexico yards.

Here are the other nine winners, in alphabetical order:

The Coastal Interceptor

Coastal Interceptor

Coastal Interceptor Vessel (Patrol Boat)

Owner: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Builder: Safe Boats International

Designer: Safe Boats International



The towboat Dan Reeves

Dan Reeves

Dan Reeves (Towboat)

Owner: Corps of Engineers

Builder: Horizon Shipbuilding

Designer: Army Corps of Engineers Marine Design Center



The Donna J Bouchard

Donna J Bouchard and B. No. 272

Donna J. Bouchard/B. No. 272 and Kim M. Bouchard/B No. 270 (Articulated Tug-Barge)

Owner: Bouchard Transportation Co. Inc.

Builder: VT Halter Marine

Designer: Guarino & Cox


The Elizabeth Anne

Elizabeth Anne


Elizabeth Anne (Tug)

Owner: Vane Brothers Co.

Builder: St. Johns Ship Building

Designer: Entech Designs LLC






San Francisco Fireboat 3

San Francisco Fireboat 3

Fireboat 3 (Fireboat)

Owner: San Francisco Fire Department

Builder: Vigor Industrial

Designer: Jensen Maritime



La Espada

La Espada

La Espada (Passenger Vessel)

Owner: Harbor Breeze Cruises

Builder: All American Marine

Designer: Teknicraft Design



The Manatee


Manatee (Pilot Boat)

Owner: Tampa Bay Pilots Association

Builder: Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding

Designer: C. Raymond Hunt Associates



The Protector


Protector (Fireboat)

Owner: Port of Long Beach

Builder: Foss Seattle Shipyard

Designer: Robert Allan Ltd.




Seacor Olmeca

Seacor Olmeca (Offshore Service Vessel)

Owner: Seacor Offshore LLC

Builder: Master Boat Builders

Designer: Master Boat Builders


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