Since 1991, Armstrong Marine has earned a solid reputation for pioneering and crafting the world’s most rugged aluminum catamarans and workboats, the company said. The company was founded in Canada and moved to Port Angeles, Wash., in 2001. Joining Bryton Marine Group in 2017 fortified the company’s focus on their core values and a strategic plan securing their future.

“Our team has developed strong momentum with our boat portfolios and customers. As we look to the future, Brix Marine will honor the legacy we have built and move beyond to deliver exceptional custom boats,” Perry Knudson, the yard’s managing director, said in a statement announcing the change.

Brix literally means the scientific measure of sweetness in liquid. This translates well to the high-performance boats the company is known for, officials said. “Brix is more than a sweet riding hull,” said Knudson. “Our custom projects begin with the first communication and the relationship continues after the boat is delivered. Brix is committed to an owner-centric approach.”

Brix Marine has another important target. “We want to be the best place to work in our community,” said Knudson. Brix employs master level craftsmen in the disciplines required to build welded aluminum boats. The company invests in defining career paths and training employees to gain the skills needed to advance in their fields.

The Brix team will broaden and diversify its portfolio of welded aluminum boats. The newly redefined custom recreational portfolio is in high demand, and Brix Marine is bringing this same innovative approach to other key markets. “Our luxury water taxi designs are raising the standards for passenger vessels as seen with the recent launch for Liberty National Golf Club. The research vessel Bob & Betty Beyster the yard delivered in 2019 earned a WorkBoat magazine award as a Significant Boat of the Year. That design is reshaping our research vessel line-up,” commented Knudson. “We have a lot of exciting things on the horizon. This new identity represents who we are and where we’re going.”