Today’s marine and maritime industries are faced with a high incident and accident rate during at-sea operations. Accidents involving the world’s largest machines can be catastrophic. Vessel incidents lead to delays in a critical industry that moves around 90 percent of the world’s cargo. A significant percentage of at-sea incidents are caused by limitations in conventional perception and situational awareness from the ship’s bridge.


Sensor fusion and situational awareness

Sea Machines’ AI-powered perception system provides advanced situational awareness information on the bridge. Such technology provides the bridge crew with a fuller understanding of the ship’s operating domain, including nearby traffic and obstructions. The system consumes and fuses data from conventional marine sensors with our proprietary long-range vision technologies.

Data to improve the bottom line

The system collects, processes, records and transmits operational telemetry and data, such as navigation and traffic information, videos of the operating domain, environmental information and the condition of on-board machinery. This information gives crew the data they need to make informed decisions that can positively impact cargo schedules and operational costs.

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In this publication, you will learn about the current state of the marine space, its challenges, and how several technologies – specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision, and autonomy – are poised to deliver valuable solutions, now and in the very near future. Download this whitepaper to gain insight about:

  • The drawbacks of conventional marine sensors that can cause safety issues and operational inefficiencies
  • The potential AI-powered computer vision has in disrupting our industry, as it has already done in others
  • Where the marine industry is headed as a result of this technology revolution

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