Offshore Workers Needed

Company: T & NB Staffing International, Inc
Job Title:  Offshore Workers Needed
Location: Gulf of Mexico

Position Summary:
Cooks, Utility Hands, Galleyhands, and Riggers are needed for offshore positions. A TWIC card is needed, as well as Water Survival T Huet and Safe Gulf certification. The positions require traveling and working set schedules.

Essential Functions:
Stocking, loading and unloading, laundry, taking out trash, sweeping, dusting, mopping, stripping and waxing floors, changing linen, preparing coffee, washing dishes, food prep, chipping paint, tieing boat:..

Minimum Qualifications:

Twic card
Water survival T-Huet
Safe Gulf

Working Environment and Conditions:
Working offshore along the Outer Continental Shelf.

About the Company:
T & NB Staffing International is an offshore contractor whom works will several catering companies in strong efforts to fulfill positions specified by the company. Our staff is qualified and work very hard to fulfill the requirements of the job.

How to Apply:
Any interested candidate can send resume to [email protected]