Phoenix Labor Group brings over fifty years of combined experience in the shipbuilding, oil and gas, and heavy manufacturing industries. With our vast experience in the field and contact networking that covers the Gulf Coast region and beyond, you can trust that Phoenix Labor Group is your premier choice to deliver the right people for the job, each and every time.


Phoenix Labor Group specializes in providing qualified contract labor personnel for the shipbuilding, oil and gas, and heavy manufacturing industries. In order to meet the demands and changing needs of our client, we maintain a broad and reliable contact network and ensure that each employee meets our customers’ requirements. Our network extends beyond the Gulf Coast, allowing us to find and recruit the most qualified and experienced tradesmen possible for your project.


At Phoenix Labor Group we know that we must be at the forefront of environmental, health, and safety if we want to stay competitive and provide you with the best possible service, That is why we take safety very serious and have developed a comprehensive and flexible safety program under the guidance of our EHS department, which has a combined experience of over 40 years in the field. We can also offer the expertise of our safety department as a service by providing training and work site compliance inspections.

Our experienced administrative staff has the knowledge and flexibility to adapt to any hiring process the customer may have. With our commitment to professionalism and our dedication to our customer’s needs, Phoenix Labor Group embodies the epitome of our industry and stands ready to provide for all your personnel needs.

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