ITASCA, IL — For many years the most popular horsepower selection for new construction of inland waterways vessels was twin screw 2000 horsepower vessels.   The new EPA Marine Emission Regulations require engines of 600kW or 804hp to meet EPA Tier 4 requirements which in almost all cases requires SCR or other after treatment system. In response to growing customer demand, Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine America, Inc. (MTEA) announces the concept of 1000hp Hybrid system that complies newest EPA emission regulation without after treatment system.

The Hybrid system is combination of six-cylinder design, four-cycle, water-cooled mechanical diesel engine S6R2-Y3MPTAW (599kW) and 100-630kW electrical motor. The Mitsubishi S6R2-Y3MPTAW meets Tier 3 EPA Certification, it is a simple mechanical engine and because it is below 600kW is not required to meet the Tier 4 requirements and thus needs no after treatment. Total output covers from 699kW(937hp) to 1229kW(1648hp). Hybrid system is a propulsion-certified unit ideal for heavy-duty workboat applications, such as with tugboats, cargo ships and offshore vessels.

By independent study, MTEA has found that inland workboats spend approximately 30% of its operation hour at low load (approx. below 20-25% from rated output). According to the characteristic of diesel engine, fuel efficiency will drop in such low load range. The Mitsubishi Hybrid system concept can improve fuel efficiency in such operating conditions.

The Hybrid system will be controlled by Mitsubishi own monitor kit called “Smart Cruising Assist”. Smart Cruising Assist can monitor engine performance in real time and control “the hybrid system mode” automatically by doing feedback control to itself.

Hybrid system will also provide benefits shown in below.

(i)        “Easy maintenance” Engine can be operated without after treatment system such as SCR or other type.

(ii)       “Longer overhaul interval”

The Operation of the main engines will be supplemented by electric motor which will extend the engine life and overhaul intervals.

(iii)        “Lower noise” and “Lower vibration” (at “Motor Cruising Mode”)

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