By Stephen Schwarz, President, ABS Nautical Systems

To improve uptime and compliance, workboat owners must get the most value out of technology systems and become more data-driven in their decision-making.

As digitalization transforms maritime operations, collecting and managing accurate data is fundamental tomanaging—and moving—a fleet into the digital age. ABS Nautical Systems is building the platform of the future to solve one of the most pressing operational issues today: getting better data into the hands of mariners so they can improve the safety, reliability and performance of their ships.

Designed for ease of use, Nautical Systems develops software solutions with mariners in mind to address the challenge of delivering and collecting consis­tent infor­ma­tion onboard the vessel and to support analysis in the office. A properly configured fleet management system supports users on the digital journey by improving data capture, visualizing key performance indicators and trends and revealing new insights for business intelligence.

Wherever a company may be on their digital journey, implementing a fleet management system combined with enterprise asset management capabilities can improve processes, data capture and overall performance.

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