ProModel Corporation launches PMSHIP, its new advanced shipyard planning and scheduling application. Experience a PMSHIP demo at ProModel booth 3932.

Shipbuilding is a long and highly complex process, presenting shipyards with multiple challenges including:

• Multiple hull configurations/multiple vessels under construction simultaneously
• Limited space greatly impacted by changes in schedules and fabrication plans
• Labor intensive planning activities
• A constant drive to reduce operational expenses and increase “bottom line” results

To help shipyards with these challenges, ProModel launched PMSHIP, a multi-user, “web” enabled application (limited by roles and rights) that uses an optimization-based automated capacity planner to create and publish laydown maps and a schedule indicating where items are to be located over time

PMSHIP provides the marketplace with unrivaled flexibility and planning capability, enabling management and key stakeholders to visualize multiple production scenarios, analyze potential results and optimize decision making. Benefits and features include:

• Maximize Throughput to Improve Bottom Line Results • Automated Foot-Printing
• Built-In, Optimization-Based Decision Making
• Extensive Map Editor

• Automated Data Updates
• Dynamic Continuous Capacity Planning
• Intuitive Multi-User Distributed Environment
• Direct Interactive Access through Mobile Devices

“The new tool has taken a process that historically took 10 weeks to complete and can now finish the scheduling activity in less than an hour. Following project completion and full system implementation, Ingalls expects to reduce ‘real estate’ allocation processing time by 30% and place 20 more units ‘under cover’ annually, with an estimated cost savings of over $990K per year.” — Article from theSignal

For more information about PMSHIP contact Mike Rice at [email protected] or visit our PMSHIP web page or our Shipbuilding Industry web page.

About ProModel Corporation

ProModel is a leading provider of technology enabled, predictive analytic decision support solutions. A Microsoft Gold Partner, ProModel specializes in custom and COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) products and services to help organizations optimize portfolios, projects, processes and resource decisions that best align with business strategy. Founded in 1988, ProModel is a privately held small business with over 500 active customers and 10,000 active users globally, including over 50% of the Fortune 500. Customers include companies in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, business reengineering, DoD, pharmaceuticals and financial services. For additional information: ProModel Marketing 610-628-6842; [email protected].


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