West Palm Beach, FL - MyTaskit, the award-winning work coordination platform for marine service, repair and construction businesses, debuts its new mobile app, expanding on MyTaskit Pro's proven ability totransform how a service company coordinates work—in real time, from the field.

This new app, developed for field technicians, enables service companies to get more organized and in control of their business helping their team get more done.  It facilitates a faster and more efficient view of all assigned work tasks, with the ability to update work orders in real-time using key features including voice-to-text recordings to increase productivity.

Key productivity enhancements include:

  • Offline / online modes – The offline /online mode can accommodate a wide range of worksite scenarios and environments. service, repair and building work is often out of cell signal and Wi-Fi range, such as inside an engine room or in a concrete structure. During these times, the app functions in a disconnected state, which synchronizes once a connection is reestablished.
  • Time-stamped support content – As a job is in process, before-and-after photos, videos can be quickly uploaded into the MyTaskit mobile app.   Supervisors view the progress of the project and can share this time-stamped content with their customers.  The feature promotes enhanced trust between the company and the customer and greater visibility into work quality.
  • Record voice notes to text – The record voice notes to text feature allows technicians to record voice notes on their mobile phones in self-contained, real-time messaging format, instead of via a separate email or SMS text system. It delivers the ability for everyone to instantly see the same notes – supervisors, in-office staff, field technicians and even sub-contractors – critical when several people are working on the same project.  Up to four hours of administrative time can be saved every day by not having to transcribe hand-written notes.
  • Efficient, accurate labor hours reporting – Work time is submitted directly into the MyTaskit mobile app in real-time, providing efficient and accurate recording of billable hours. MyTaskit’s software integrates directly with DockMaster and QuickBooks, allowing faster and more accurate invoicing, with bills getting out an average of 10 days sooner.
  • Enhanced Search ­­– With an integrated search and filter feature, MyTaskit’s new app provides technicians easy-to-use access to their schedules and prioritized task lists, with less chance of misinterpretation of instructions.  It offers users a real-time view into tasks, who is assigned to what and confirmation that it has been completed.
  • Real-Time Job Updates – As work is in process, real-time updates from technicians enable supervisors to view progress.  It offers the ability to deploy service teams and adapt to changes quickly and to gain greater control over the business.

New MyTaskit Mobile App Enhances Field Service Work

Our customers got it right," said Kevin Hutchinson, MyTaskit founder and CEO.  "Our customers asked for a simple, easy to use app for their technicians even when there is no cell or wifi connection. Within just a few minutes of use technicians were logging hours and updating assigned tasks and work orders using just their phone or tablet. This app was built with strong input from DockMaster and QuickBooks customers and their reaction to its capabilities have been amazing."

The MyTaskit app is available for Android and iOS at Google Play and in the iTunes App Store.