Sunbrite Solutions provides lighting products for the marine industry and features three different product lines — the slim line, premier series, and the new tactical series. Options range from 7,000 lumens to 150,000 lumens. 

At the 2023 International WorkBoat Show, Jim Grady, the company’s president and CEO, spoke with WorkBoat about the company’s offerings. 

Grady said its light bars are "not spotlights. They’re not floodlights. They’re both at the exact same time.” 

The lights are also fully dimmable, with a small knob located next to the power switch to dim lights in order to not blind oncoming ships. Along with the dimming, Sunbrite offers a full 360 light bar arrangement, which Grady said can illuminate more than a mile in each direction. It’s expensive, but, “The question that we ask is, 'How far do you want to see?'”

At this year’s WorkBoat Show, Sunbrite is presenting the newest of their product lines, the tactical series. It was developed specifically for military and law enforcement operations, and includes six individual offerings with lighting capabilities within that full 7,000-to-150,000-lumen range. Grady said that the high end of that scale is the most powerful light bar on the market. “You can feel the energy when you turn it on.”

Grady summed up the company’s offerings. “We’re not just making work lights that light up a 10-by-10 foot area on the deck of a boat. We are lighting up massive amounts of football fields in front of your boat with single lights that are dimmable down to where you don’t interfere with people.”

Matt Collins is a Content Specialist for Workboat. Prior to joining Diversified Communications, Matt covered the world of baseball and other sports for over a decade. When not writing he enjoys learning about new developments in the world of technology, spending time outdoors, and reading.