Fireaway Inc. has received Coast Guard approval for its pre-engineered Stat-X condensed aerosol fire suppression systems to protect Class A (surface), B, and C hazards in marine applications.

Coast Guard-certified fire protection products are required for vessels operating in U.S. waters. Stat-X is the first aerosol fire suppression system to receive Coast Guard approval, the company said.

Fire protection systems for marine applications are undergoing rapid technology and regulatory changes.

  • Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) based systems, such as FM-200, are being phased out through various global regulations.
  • Manufacturers of other fluorine-based chemicals (such as FK-5-1-12, a.k.a. Novec 1230) used in similar fire suppression systems are voluntarily phasing out production based on accelerating regulatory trends1.  EU regulators have already initiated this process.

Fireaway president and CEO, Lance Harry, said, “Stat-X is an ideal alternative to these HFC, and fluorine based systems that will soon become unavailable. The advantages of Stat-X are simple installation, limited maintenance requirements and overall, more cost effective than a gas-based system.” 

You can see Stat-X fire suppression listed on the Coast Guard-approved equipment list (EQList Search) here:

Thermally operated units

Manually activated units, 2-unit configuration