Markey Machine, Seattle, a manufacturer of marine deck equipment, announced today that it had acquired JonRie InterTech, West Creek, N.J.

Markey and JonRie have built reputations for delivering reliable, durable, and custom-designed winch systems to the maritime and offshore sectors, Markey officials said. Financial details about the sale were not disclosed. 

Markey said the acquisition of JonRie allows Markey to expand its product offerings, strengthen its technical capabilities, and enhance its market presence.

"We are excited to welcome JonRie InterTech to the Markey Machine family," Blaine Dempke, CEO of Markey Machine, said in a statement. "This acquisition enables us to leverage our synergies, enhance our capabilities, and better serve our customers with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge winch systems." 

Brandon Durar, founder of JonRie InterTech, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. "Joining forces with Markey Machine presents tremendous opportunities for growth and innovation. Together, we will continue to provide industry-leading solutions and exceptional service to our valued customers."

Markey said it is committed to continuing the JonRie product line, serving both existing and new customers with the same dedication and excellence. 

In addition to maintaining and growing the specific market JonRie has catered to for years, Markey will also enhance service and support, ensuring the JonRie customers continue to receive the assistance they have come to expect. 

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