Honda Marine recently introduced the Honda BF350, the newest high-power outboard motor to join its lineup. The BF350 is the first Honda V8 motor to be made available commercially. 

Honda Marine’s product line is powered exclusively by four-stroke engines. The company pioneered four-stroke engine technology and has been designing and building four-stroke outboard motors for nearly 60 years.

Honda produces millions of engines per year. The technology applied to the BF350 is inspired by the very same that powers Honda automobiles.

The business strategy for Honda Marine is rooted in the Honda Vision for 2030: serving people worldwide through the pursuit of the highest-quality products and advanced, integrated solutions that fulfill expectations of society, meet individual needs, improve daily lives, and bring even greater joy,” Kevin Mills, assistant vice president, Honda Power Sports & Products, said in a statement."

The BF350 offers the target sector of 25'-plus boats (for both pleasure and utility applications) a number of benefits including a broader, flatter torque curve; smoother power delivery throughout the engine’s operating range; ergonomically designed controls; fuel efficiency; and improved reliability, ease-of-use, maintenance and ownership.