South Carolina-based Glendinning Products LLC has launched an upgraded line of top mount controls expanding its wide range of electronic and mechanical propulsion control systems.

CH2001 ProGrade and CH2001 ProGradeXD are available for immediate supply in new or retrofit Glendinning control systems of all propulsion types including inboard, outboard, sterndrive and waterjet.

Glendinning’s original CH2001 design control head has been in the marine market for the past 20 years, installed on all types of vessels including recreational, commercial and military craft. And while the same classic CH2001 design and fully stainless steel enclosure lives on, these new CH2001 ProGrade and ProGradeXD models house all new internal components featuring dual channel non-contact position sensors and a full IP68 waterproof rating making them suitable for applications where the control head may be at times completely engulfed by water.

 The CH2001 ProgradeXD model also features a stainless steel touch keypad designed for rough handling associated with some commercial applications.

Here’s a short video which demonstrates the CH2001 ProGrade control head submerged in an aquarium tank for 30 days: