Governor Control Systems (GCS) an authorized service center specializing in control system integration and monitoring solutions for reciprocating engine and turbine-driven power generation, has earned training accreditation from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE).

As a trusted source for engineering and technology standards, the IEEE provides accreditation that enables GCS trainees to earn continuing education units, as well as professional development hours that can be applied toward licensing and continuing educational requirements.

GCS, part of the MSHS Group, translates decades of experience and learning into a comprehensive class schedule delivered by certified trainers in a state-of-the-art training facility. GCS’s instructors are highly experienced in the course subjects they teach, ensuring attendees receive real-world, value-added learning relevant to client company needs. 

“Our training program is a cornerstone of our business,” said Peter Bennett, general manager, GCS SBU, Florida, said in a prepared statement. “The IEEE accreditation speaks volumes about our longstanding commitment to providing knowledgeable, high-quality training and outstanding service to our customers.”

IEEE’s accreditation was based on GCS’s curriculum content, instructional resources and learning outcomes. For clients, the accreditation validates GCS’s technical capabilities as a trusted partner for providing value-added services and resources.   

“The IEEE accreditation is a powerful assurance of quality, considering that its membership includes global scientific and engineering organizations, as well as colleges and universities in more than 100 countries,” said James Bartley, GCS key accounts manager. “We are honored to be part of an organization of like-minded experts, united by the mission to use technology for the advancement of humanity.”