A hybrid retrofit, featuring an energy storage solution from the technology group Wärtsilä, will be installed on the Harvey Energy, a  310'x64' platform supply vessel (PSV) owned by New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf International Marine.

It will be the first LNG fueled — and the first hybrid retrofit — PSV in the Americas, the companies said. Wärtsilä announced the contract in April. The 5,312-dwt vessel is currently powered by three Wärtsilä 6L34DF dual-fuel gensets providing 7,530 kW (10,100 hp) fueled by Wärtsilä’s LNGPac system — a complete fuel gas handling system for LNG vessels.   

The Wärtsilä hybrid system has the integrated systems all installed within a single container. Wärtsilä photo

The Wärtsilä hybrid system has the integrated systems all installed within a single container. Wärtsilä photo

The installation of a Wärtsilä 1,450-kW battery hybrid solution will reduce the ship’s exhaust emissions, fuel consumption, and noise level. The overall fuel cost savings are expected to be 10% to 20%. The battery capacity will be sufficient to sail in and out of harbor on electric power, while also providing hotel load electricity when docked, which will reduce noise and pollution levels in the harbor area. Furthermore, the ability to operate on battery power will assist maneuverability during critical dynamic positioning (DP) operations at the offshore platform.

The Wärtsilä hybrid system will include an energy storage system, the energy management system, the transformer and drive, all mounted within a single container. The project will also include integration with the existing Wärtsilä power distribution, power management, and integrated automation systems. The Wärtsilä equipment is scheduled for delivery in December.

“We chose Wärtsilä as our partner several years ago due to their significant experience in LNG and dual fuel engine technology, which fit very well with Harvey Gulf’s mission to have the most fuel efficient environmentally friendly fleet of platform supply vessels in the Americas. When we decided to enhance these traits by installing hybrid technology, Wärtsilä was the natural choice,” Shane Guidry, chairman and CEO of Harvey Gulf, said in a statement. “In addition, Wärtsilä’s excellent knowledge of our company and our business has resulted in very strong service support after the vessel delivery.”

"We are pleased to be once again working in partnership with Harvey Gulf as they continue to promote efficient and sustainable shipping,” said Bill Amundsen of Wärtsilä.

Wärtsilä’s hybrid solutions are based on a ‘first-of-its kind’ fully integrated hybrid power module. This combines engines, an energy storage system using batteries, and power electronics optimised to work together through an innovative, Wärtsilä developed energy management system. The solution marks a new benchmark in marine hybrid propulsion. While the Harvey Energy will be the first PSV in the Americas to have a hybrid retrofit, Wärtsilä has already completed several hybrid retrofits for PSVs in Europe.