Coordinated by the Regional Operational Center of Surveillance and Rescue (Cross) of West Indies-Guyana, the search for Bourbon Offshore's tug/supply vessel Bourbon Rhode was still under way on Friday as a general cargo ship arrived in the area. Weather conditions remain particularly adverse and the search zone is affected by the outer edge of Hurricane Lorenzo. Other maritime means are being mobilized in order to provide assistance to the crew, as well as air support from the NHC (National Hurricane Center).

A rescue operation involving Bourbon Rhode got underway Thursday as the vessel was in transit 1,200 nautical miles off Martinique and 60 nautical miles south-southeast from the eye of category 4 Hurricane Lorenzo. In particularly adverse weather conditions, the 14 crewmembers were facing a water ingress in the rear part of the vessel.

A crisis cell was activated to coordinate the rescue of the tug and its crew, in close collaboration with authorities, including the CROSS officials. In order to bring the quickest support possible, CROSS asked that the 751′ bulk carrier SSI Excellent change its route and assist the Bourbon Rhode. Situated at 200 nautical miles south, the bulk carrier was expected to arrive on site on Friday morning (local time). Bourbon officials did not say whether the ship that arrived on site Friday was the SSI Excellent.

"Bourbon’s teams are mobilized to keep the families of the crew members informed and bring them full support in this difficult time. An update on the situation will be published soon," Bourbon officials said in a statement released Friday afternoon.