UK-based Royston has completed the overhaul of a diesel power plant system onboard a Tidewater Marine platform support vessel.

Royston overhauled a Scania DI12 harbor generator, which is onboard the 80 meter (262.4') Highland Chieftain, while the vessel was moored in Aberdeen, Scotland. The generator had 18,000 running hours of service.

The Highland Chieftain is a purpose-built PSV and is part of the fleet of one of the largest fleets of OSVs in the industry.

The work involved the generator being disassembled with manifolds, turbo, rocker gear, critical pumps, pistons, liners, oil cooler, fan and belt guards all being stripped out along with the camshaft for inspection and where necessary, either repaired or replaced.

All parts including the engine block, were cleaned while the aftercooler was also stripped down at Royston’s specialist test and repair center in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, before being cleaned and rebuilt. New turbo, water pump and thermostat units were also fitted as part of a comprehensive package of engineering work and support before the whole power plant was reassembled and tested for operational performance.

“Royston always provides a good quality service using experienced engineers, who are knowledgeable on the engine type they are working on,” Gary Bartlett, operations superintendent at Tidewater Marine, said in a statement.