The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) showcases the latest innovations from companies that support the offshore and energy industries, from accessories to mudpumps to wellbore systems. Attendees took a special interest in the hydraulic drive systems from Hägglunds that are designed to save valuable space and optimize drive efficiencies, but these systems weren’t the only ones Bosch Rexroth had on display at the event.

Hägglunds, a brand of Bosch Rexroth, highlighted the Quantum Power in more ways than one, as it was one of the winners of the annual Spotlight on New Technology Award. Something that both the judges and even attendees recognized as a key distinction is the size of the product. The Hägglunds Quantum was already small, but the Hägglunds Quantum Power provides even great power density to save space, highlighting one the ways it creates efficiencies. Comparable products are significantly larger and heavier.

Additionally, adjustments in the design and materials have increased the efficiency and improved life expectancy to create even greater efficiencies, but all of those benefits are connected to what makes these products truly standout.  

“Being able to eliminate the gear box is the biggest differentiator,” said Collins Bioseh, Market Segment Manager within the Hagglunds business unit. “One of the things we hear about all the time from our customers is how important efficiencies are due to the price of oil, and this product has increased the efficiency at higher speeds from 70% to 90%.”

Bioseh mentioned that tug boats specifically could benefit from not having a gearbox, given the quicker response times that tugs need. It’s a product that is built to handle the kind of shocks tugs deal with on a daily basis. Attendees were able to see a display of the Quantum 280 in action, highlighting the smooth and quiet operation of the product.

Elsewhere in the booth, attendees got a look at the electric actuators for green hydrogen and carbon capture and storage applications. The eSEA Torque, eSEA Drive and eSEA Push define a portfolio of subsea actuators that can electrify and digitalize all safety-relevant movements at depths of up to 4,000 meters.

“They’re ideal for retrofits because you don’t need to reconfigure your entire system,” said Markus Kubacki, Application Engineer, Bosch Rexroth AG. “They’re designed for reliable operation over 25 years permanent subsea, but you can also use them remotely for just about whatever you need to do.”

The company’s solutions for the hydrogen industry highlight their commitment to it, as Bosch Rexroth has offered compact, efficient and low-maintenance system solutions for driving piston compressors for years now. They’ve taken it to another level with the double rod cylinder for medium hydrogen volumes.

The CGV double rod cylinder is a durable and energy-efficient solution for compressing gases. Integrated leakage connections for gases on the cylinder simplify the design of the compressor heads. The cylinder position is determined by switching sensors. Forces of up to 2,500 kN can be realized.

"The new electrohydrauliclly driven CryoPump by Bosch Rexroth features robustness, low operating and energy costs, simplified integration, and highly efficient drive and pump technology," said Rick Krome, Bosch Rexroth Sales Manager Industrial Hydraulics Western U.S. "There is nothing in its class available on the market today.”

Additionally, the product can refill 100 kg of hydrogen in 10 minutes, which is essential for heavy duty truck refilling applications. Direct fill capabilities also eliminate the need for high-pressure intermediate storage tanks. 

Regions across the United States are creating hydrogen filling stations that are and will use these solutions, with California alone having 50 retail hydrogen fueling stations. These products will directly facilitate goals that the state has established around having 200 hydrogen fueling stations by 2026.

 “We’ve been talking about hydrogen technology for 20 years but it’s really here,” Krome told "These are the solutions that will create the infrastructure used to refill vehicles and support the growth of hydrogen as an entirely new market segment.”

Recent new from Bosch Rexoth also saw them reach a memorandum of understanding to accelerate the electrification of subsea process valves with high Safety Integrity Level requirements. To learn more about that news, click here.

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