Leevac Shipyards, Jennings, La., launched hull 367 on Jan. 27. The launch went as planned and the PSV was safely moored shortly afterwards. Hull 367, designed by Leevac Design Services (300 DE-52 HAB PSV) is the first of a two vessel newbuild program for Tidewater Marine. This is the first launch for Leevac in 2015 which is the yard's 50th anniversary.


The 300'x62'x24' vessel has a diesel-electric plant, accommodations for 52 persons and is ABS Classed A1 AMS, ACCU, OFFSHORE SUPPORT, DP-2, FiFi-1, HAB (WB), UWILD ENVIRO, and GP will be certified for worldwide operations. 

Chris Vaccari, president and chief executive officer of Leevac, said, “Another perfect day for another perfect launch. That’s how we like it.”

The vessel will be delivered during the third quarter of this year.